Meta-platforms – the key to understanding our new digital product development landscape

Rise of the meta-platforms and the new ‘web browser’


A Blow To HTML5? (hint: no)

This is a great conversation started by MG Siegler about the lessons learnt from Facebook’s new iOS app and thoughts behind maximising the advantages of both HTML5 (rapid prototyping) and native apps (what one brings to market for various devices).

About Branch: I absolutely love the notion of starting ad hoc – but public – conversations with select people around specific topics. Sometimes the best ideas emerge only through conversation. 

A Blow To HTML5? (hint: no)


Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta for iOS – Facebook Developers

It’s been clear for several years now, but apps developed for specific devices using OS-specific hooks offer the best user experience. I test so many apps made with seeming contempt for the user – Facebook’s iOS app at the top of the list – and have had so many depressing conversations about developing apps that are little more than UIWebView containers that this announcement from Facebook is a welcome validation of the native app dev strategy.

Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta for iOS – Facebook Developers