So how do you know if you’re doing a good job? After all, when you really look at what’s being decided on one end and produced on the other, it might look like a PM is doing nothing at all. In most cases, this invisibility is a good sign. There are a few other tells.

“A big one is that the founders ping you directly without CC’ing other people. They just trust you to follow through and they know your team trusts you to be a good channel of information back and forth,” Jackson says. Communication skills are paramount. ‘One sign of a great PM is that other people get quiet when they start talking. A lot of PMs talk too much and spend time on things that aren’t important until people start tuning them out. If you see a PM talking and everyone else stops talking and listens, you know they are pretty good.’

You’re also a good PM if your absence is noticed by the best engineers on your team. “You want them to ask ‘What would that PM do or say if she was here?’ You want the best people to value your opinion that much and know you have the technical prowess to meaningfully contribute.”

Top Hacks from a PM Behind Two of Tech’s Hottest Products – It’s exactly what I’ve always looked for in a project manager and what I bring to the projects and teams I’ve led directly.

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