The best interface is no interface

This piece by Golden Krishna gets at exactly why we use technology. For a piece of tech to be useful, it must help me accomplish tasks or create things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to accomplish or create.

Krishna’s survey of digital user interfaces from the past forty years pinpoints exactly what 99% of devices frustrate the hell out of me – their attempts to simplify only serve to confuse. Using a pre-iPhone mobile was like trying to communicate with someone who insisted on speaking a very technical dialect of English, but delivered in “goo goo, ga ga” baby-talk.

There is a better path: No UI. A design methodology that aims to produce a radically simple technological future without digital interfaces. Following three simple principles, we can design smarter, more useful systems that make our lives better.

Principle 1: Eliminate interfaces to embrace natural processes

Hell yes.

The best interface is no interface


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